Monday, September 22, 2008

I Am Thankful For Eyelids

This occurred to me while I was lying in bed last night. I opened my eyes at one point, and realized how much brighter it was in the room than I'd thought. Then I closed my eyes again and... darker. Much better. Then I opened and closed them a few more times, just because I could, and I was so grateful that I could do that. It's so easy.

Eyelids are pretty great. For keeping out too much light, for keeping eyes moisturized, for helping to keep our eyes clean. Imagine what it'd be like to not be able to shut out light, to not be able to keep dust and other small (or large) particles out of our eyes, or to have our eyes get dry and swollen.

Try to keep your eyes wide open, without blinking, for as long as you can (holding your eyes open with your fingertips helps because sometimes a blink can sneak in!) Remember doing this when you were a kid? How long can you keep your eyes open, without blinking, before it HURTS!

Not everyone has functional eyelids. I am so thankful that I do.



mysecondjournal said...

UG...I have eye issues and that is one that I never thought of..adding it to the thankful list today.

Mac and Cheese said...

You are correct, but you might also be smoking something to have come up with it as a post.

Mac and Cheese said...

...but in keeping with that train of thought, eyelids are also cool when you press on them and see all those swirly patterns!

Abbie said...

lol, thankful for eyelids too

Vanessa said...

I love how you are thankful for all the small things most take for granted.

Melissa said...

MP: I forgot about your eye issues. Let's not add this to your symptom list!

Mac: I know it's scary, but I think this stuff every moment of the day. Really. Right now... looking around... I'm thankful for money, heat, snow, toy inventors... Really. I'm always grateful for stuff. I don't take anything for granted. I don't always verbalize everything (like Mr. Rogers!) but I take nothing for granted.

-And yes... the swirley patterns :) Very 60s! :D

Abbie: Seriously. How much would that suck?

Vanessa: I like that you do the same :)