Friday, October 3, 2008

I Glued My Fingers Together

That's right. And I think it takes a particular breed of talent to accidentally glue your fingers together on not just one, but both hands!

Stop laughing.

I have a very good explanation for how this happened.

You see, I was gluing together a very tiny object, so the fingers on the hand that was holding the tiny object were pressed very tightly together. Which is why the entire front surfaces of those two finger pads became adhered to each other when the Krazy Glue (unbeknownst to me) seeped out the bottom of said tiny object, and onto the fingers that were holding it.

What about the other hand?

Well, eventually I realized that glue was seeping out from the bottom of the tiny object and onto those two fingers, and when I did, I immediately removed the tiny object from that hand while I inspected the damage. -Which is how the two fingers on the other hand got glued to not only each other, but also to the tiny object -which was still covered in Krazy Glue.

Stop laughing.

Ok fine go ahead ;)

I eventually got my fingers unstuck after two hours of soaking in acetone (nail polish remover) and warm soapy water. I know, I know... why didn't I take a picture to show you? Well I would have except you see... MY FINGERS WERE STUCK TOGETHER!



Mac and Cheese said...

I don't know where to begin making fun of you, so I think I'll just leave you to feel silly all on your own.

Bayjb said...

I am laughing. I can't help it. Any normal person would. I can't believe that happened on both hands. Hilarious. And two hours with acetone? Ouch, that's a rough time. Hope fingers stay separated this weekend!

MLL said... least you didn't try to scratch your nose at the same time!

Melissa said...

Mac: It was so funny. And do you know NO ONE WAS HOME for me to show? I tried calling three female neighbors (who I thought might have acetone on hand!), I even knocked on one of their doors -as well as I could- and ALL of them were out! The nerve!

Bayjb: BOTH hands. I really thought I might have to go to the Emergency Room. They were REALLY stuck together! I found out about acetone removing Krazy Glue through google after turpentine did NOTHING! But getting to the right page (while trying to type with 3 fingers on each hand!) was a challenge!

Marcia: Can you imagine? :D Because I TOTALLY would!