Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There Should Be A Law

If you still have the last lingering bit of a cough from a flu you had THREE WEEKS AGO [I just checked my calendar. It's] FIVE weeks ago! - that hasn't quite finished working its way out of your system, you should not be able to get sick again until the first flu has FINISHED!!!

I mean, how is that possible? Is that even allowed???

I am, once again, a human drip factory. I have the piles of tissues all over the floor to prove it. My bed looks like it's floating on clouds. And because I have now run out of tissues, I've taken to blowing my nose on dirty laundry. What? It saves trees and they had to be cleaned anyway!



Mac and Cheese said...

Seeing as I currently live in the house of snotty boogers, I can sympathize.

Melissa said...

"House of snotty boogers..."
"Human drip factory..."
-We should go into business ;)