Thursday, August 21, 2008


Text on the wing of an airplane says 'Do Not Walk Outside This Area.'

? ? ?

image of a monster on an airplane wing from the Twilight Zone episode, Nightmare at 20,000 feet.



Alice said...

i remember that episode!! (it's a twilight zone episode, right?) it totally freaked me out..

Mac and Cheese said...

I've still got nightmares about that episode. Did you know that the Simpson's parodied it?

Melissa said...

Ok, how did SO many people miss this? It was the FIRST thing I thought of when I read the instructions on the wing! -Too subtle I guess. :P

Alice and Mac: Yes! The lower picture is from the Twilight Zone episode! Thank you!!! :D

(* Actually, the first thing I thought of was "They're not talking to me right? Because my view is just fine from here - INSIDE the plane.")