Sunday, August 3, 2008


A real conversation
Ok, we're going to start giving you drugs now to help put you to sleep.

12 Year Old Boy
No! You can't give me drugs! My mother would kill me! Drugs are illegal!



Anonymous said...


They really DO listen

Vanessa said...

That is hysterically funny! Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing well, I know you're not around as much, but I still think of you and watch for you to update. Take care.

Grandy said...

True story:

Chiropractor walks in with white coat.

Ty says, "Mom, is this where you score your dope?"

Oh yea, we waited to come back for a while. At least long enough for my son to remember "dope" was "medication".

Mac and Cheese said...

Pretty funny! The Anesthesiologist must have had a good laugh.

Melissa said...

MP: Cracked me up!

Vanessa: Thank you. I think about you too.

Grandy: ROFLOL! YAY TY! Lol! -Ok that's going to keep me going for a while! :D

Mac: Oh they all did. He remembers saying it too and I don't think he's figured out yet why everyone thinks it's so funny.