Monday, July 28, 2008

Bag Of Youth

(Looking at green bags that are supposed to prolong the life of your produce and keep it from spoiling as quickly.)

I wonder if these really work?

They do! I use them and I have a tomato in one that's over a month old and it still looks brand new!

Ok then... I won't be going to your house for dinner!

("Guess what everybody! All that food we're eating? It's over a YEAR OLD!")
* Note: Joe achieved this without a special bag! I think there may just be a strain of mutant tomatoes.



Alice said...

wow, i hadn't heard of these bags. and my produce is ALWAYS rotting!

Vanessa said...

Ha! I look at those bags all the time and wonder, hmmm, what if? So far I haven't tried them.

Anonymous said...

see that is just ewwww

Mac and Cheese said...

Is the salesperson conducting a science experiment? Eat the damn tomato already!

Melissa said...

Alice and Vanessa: I'm not convinced they work that well. I haven't tried out fully controlled experiments, but stuff still seems to go bad just as quickly. In some cases maybe even faster.

The culprit with the bags, I think, is condensation. The directions say NOT to wash food first and make sure it's dry, but hours later, little water beads are all over the inside of the bag! -And then the food goes bad! I don't notice the same condensation problem with REGULAR plastic bags. I dunno. Your mileage may vary.

MP and Mac: Yes. Those were my feelings too.

Like I said, given Joe's post (which I linked to at the end) I think the age of that tomato might have had less to do with the bag and more to do with a mutant strain that was introduced into the population.