Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wallet: ☑ Keys: ☑ Blog: ☐

Do you ever have a bunch of things to do where you're running around, and trying to cover all your bases so people don't worry, but because you're running around with a bunch of things to do, you don't really do that very well? -That's where I am right now! ;)

And it also doesn't help that I'm still trying to find that balance between blogging and keeping certain things private about my friends, family, or self -which unfortunately results in the occasional post that sounds like I'm working with the CIA! It's not intentional. I promise.

Thank you all for your reassurances and replies to Thursday's post. I will be offline for a while but I'll do my best to keep posts coming through here as regularly as possible. If you notice anybody leaving a comment who seems to genuinely expect a reply, -You know... something like "Melissa! Email me!" or "HEY! Why didn't you reply to my comment?!" or "I need a kidney!" please let them know I'm away.

Feel free to raid the fridge, watch tv, and play with the remote controlled a/c. (Do they make a universal remote for that yet? TV/DVD/Stereo/Air Conditioner? No? Someone should get right on that.)



Bayjb said...

I have trouble multi-tasking because I end up taking on so much more than I should. Then I nearly burn down my apartment, which has happened twice. I'll be here waiting when you're back :0

Nora Bee said...

Happy trails!
I'd love to watch your TV, especially if you have cable.

Abbie said...

Hope you are enjoying your much needed time off from blogging.
Take care babe.

storyteller said...

Ah … welcome to my world. I’ve been struggling with ‘balance’ between the REAL and ‘virtual’ world for months now too. Just remember to BREATHE.
Hugs and blessings,