Monday, July 7, 2008

Just Visiting

What's better than a kitten that fits in the palm of your hand?


TWO kittens that fit in the palm of your hand!
(That's one hand!)

My friend is bottle feeding these two for a shelter near her and since they have to be fed every two hours she brought them with her when she came to visit.

Just to give you a sense of scale:
Yes, that's me.

I hope these two are ok. I poked and prodded them a little -as I do when anyone hands me an animal or a baby- (I check them all over. Ears, toes, tummy, everything.) and as often happens when I look over an animal, I found a few issues which will hopefully be addressed by a vet today.

They're soooo tiny.

This one only opened its eyes 2 days ago:
wet kitten

I know... it looks like a drowned rat. That's partially my fault. They were pooping on each other's heads so I decided a bath was in order.

A few more pictures:
wet kitten

wet kitten
My thumb moved during this picture (you can see the blur.)
He doesn't really have a flat head!

wet kitten

wet kitten

Anybody want a kitten?



mysecondjournal said...

How in the world could you let your friend leave...and take them with her...OMG OMG OMG OMG.. I want both of them....

Alice said...


Abbie said...

I got my kittens at 12 weeks old, I had no idea they are that tiny at birth. Yikes!! So precious.

Nora Bee said...

Awwwwwwww. I think my milk just let down.

Bayjb said...

OMG OMG OMG she's so little! I can't believe it. The kitty is so adorable, I would want to hold her all the time!!!

Vanessa said...

Oh the cuteness! It's amazing to see them so small and know they will grow up someday. The tiny feet! I wish I could smell them!

lattemommy said...

You let her leave with them??? So adorable. Even with the poopy heads. :)

Kendra said...

Sorry, I'd comment but I'm on the floor. Cause of death: Cuteness overload.

I just wanna snuggle them! But they are so tiny all I can see in my head is an "Of mice and men" moment.

Melissa said...

MP: I could arrange that but you'd have to come to NY to get them! :)

alice: High praise from someone with one of the cutest kittens EVER!

Abbie: Well how did you think they got OUT? ;) :D

Nora: LOL! THAT cracked me up! :D

bayjb: You should have seen when my friend asked "Do you want to feed them one more time before we go? Or not?" -Uh...DUH???! :D

Vanessa: Not really! Lol! Wait 'till they stop pooping on each other!

Lattemommy: I can't have pets :( I wish I could but I think my pet days are over. I can't handle when they die. The first place award for being REALLY BAD at coping with loss goes to -ME!

kendra: Defnite cuteness overload. :)

storyteller said...

Ah … just too cute for wordz are these tiny ones (though I’m sure they’re bigger now since it’s been a couple of weeks since you shared these pix). This would make a wonderful Camera Critters post ;--)
Hugs and blessings,