Saturday, July 5, 2008

If A Tree Falls Toilet Overflows

If a toilet overflows on the 6th floor, and nobody's home, does the water still flow down through the ceilings and pipes onto the floors of every single bathroom below it?

dirty water on bathroom floor.

Yes. Yes it does.



Bayjb said...

Oh gosh that sucks. I HATE it when that happens. Ick.

Grandy said...

Wait...which floor are you? You're the floor below, aren't you? SUCK!!

Melissa said...

bayjb: Me too! :P

grandy: Yes, I'm on a floor below. I went to a neighbors at one point to use their bathroom because water was still coming down in mine and I didn't feel like peeing with an umbrella.

surviving myself said...

Oh no - poop water! And not just poop water - someone elses poop water!!!

Vanessa said...

Oh Ewww! So sorry you had to deal with the nastiness!

Melissa said...

surviving myself: Hi! Welcome! :)

I actually saw the "offending toilet" and amazingly, the water from there was mostly clear. The brown in the water came from all the crud it picked up on its way down through the walls and ceilings of the other floors of my building. -Which is only just the teeniest bit less gross, because there could be little "beings" pooping in there too :oO

vanessa: I was not amused.