Thursday, July 24, 2008


You know what really made me smile about this card?
-It's backwards (Or Jewish.)

The outside of a card, made by a child, from green construction paper and stickers of dogs, penguins, shapes (triangles, squares, hearts, diamonds, circles), flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, and a yellow moon in the top right corner. The front says, in pencil, Put A Smile On Your Face.

Inside of card. Says S M I L ! with more colored stickers of shapes, and one ladybug sticker.

For anyone who needed a smil smile today,
I'm sharing this with you.
* Thank you S.



Alice said...

awww. that DID put a smil on my face :-)

storyteller said...

Brings back ‘classroom’ memories when kids made ME such cards ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Bayjb said...

That's so cute. It did put a smile on my face :)

I love the ladybugs.

Abbie said...

ha!ha! That's cute!

Angela said...

Aww, how sweet! Genuine things like that from little kids just brighten my life.

Rebecca said...

Ooohh!! I think I have a SMIL a MIL long!!

(Sorry about the absense -- I've been busy. Mostly it's been good, come take a look! Yesterday I was in The Guardian... I guess I should specify: that was a *good* thing.)

Nora Bee said...

Thanks for the smil! I love the ladybugs.

Grandy said...

thanks for the smile, melissa.

Melissa said...

Alice, Bayjb, and Abbie: Cute huh?

Storyteller: Your teacher instincts are finely honed! The card is from a kindergarten class.

Angela: Hi! Thank you for stopping by! Sorry about the delay in my replies.

Rebecca: I'm not on the internet at this time. Just sneaking in right now to answer a bunch of comments in one go if I can. But I do have you (and everyone else) in a newsreader, so I'll know EXACTLY what I've missed and what I'll need to catch up on at some point. I hope your "mostly good" continues. :) (ok, see now, just *thinking* about your blog made me hungry!)

Nora: Yeah. I wish I'd been given stickers to make cards when I was little. I would have gone to TOWN! -Remember colorforms?

Grandy: You're welcome. Here's another! :)