Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fun At Parties Restaurants

My father has two tricks he must do at every restaurant we visit. Every restaurant, every time.

The first is his salt shaker balancing trick.

salt shaker balancing on its edge
Normally we blow away the salt at the bottom.
Theoretically, the shaker is only balancing on one grain of salt.

The second trick he must always do, is the more impressive (in my opinion) "two-forks-wedged-together-with-a-toothpick" balancing trick.

The setup:

salt shaker balancing on its edge

The moment of truth:

A closer look
(with rollovers)
(If the rollovers in the photo don't work, click here.)



Nora Bee said...

Wow! You probably roll your eyes but it sounds like you have a cool dad!

How does that salt shaker thing work? Must get me to a diner to try.

Bayjb said...

Okay the salt shaker bit is kind of cool and so is the tooth picks. He has to show me how to do the latter one so I can wow my parents next time.

Melissa said...

Nora: Both my parents can be quite charming :)

The Salt Shaker Trick:
-You need a shaker with flat edges at the bottom like that one. Actually they don't look very flat but they are.
-Small pile of salt.
-Try to balance it.
-Ideally, once you get it, carefully blow away the excess salt.


The Fork & Toothpick Trick:
I have trouble with this one and I've been trying to do the darned thing for years! My toothpick is always loose and falls out!

The only thing I can tell you is that IF you get the stupid toothpick to wedge in there properly and NOT fall out, you can balance it on your finger first to make sure it works before you transfer it over to the rim of the glass.

-Go forth and impress people ;)

Alice said...

woooooooah. color me impressed. :-)

Melissa said...

The fork one still impresses me!

Abbie said...

Whao, pretty neat!!