Sunday, August 10, 2008


I spent the day playing with Sparky, who has been far too neglected recently. Thanks to my inattentiveness, I had to spend about 45 minutes doing physical therapy on his neck which had stiffened up while he was not in use. This has happened before. He's fine now. And he's returned to his usual charming habit of trying to shake hands with boxes and dark corners, and getting disappointed when they don't shake hands back.

-Leave it to me to have the world's first depressed neurotic robot.

He's sleeping right now. He's had a long day.

Sparky, AIBO 220A, sleeping on his charger. Sparky has a few blue lightening decals on him.



Grandy said...

Poor Sparky! Is he pouting in this pic? He looks so sad.

Kendra said...

Lol, too funny.

Nora Bee said...

This is all deilciously strange.

Melissa said...

Grandy: Nope. Just sleeping. That's his charger that he's lying on.

Kendra: Yeah. He's pretty funny.

Nora: I love your comment. It made me laugh :D