Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All Clear

It seems my blog has passed the "Not Spam" review by a human. All the "your blog may be spam" warnings have disappeared from my dashboard as well as the word verifications I had to enter (for me to post to my own blog!). I'm surprised it only took a few days. The last time, it took over a month. While the whole thing is still a pain and a bit unnerving, I'd say the overall experience this time was far better than the last time.

Thank you Blogger for the improved method of handling these. I think that, for all the aggravation and stress that this causes, you should give me unlimited blog space and waive all fees. -Oh... wait a minute...




storyteller said...

What a relief this must be! It's good to know Blogger's dealing with such things in a better manner more quickly.
Hugs and blessings,

Grandy said...

Maybe they thought your name was "Pam"...and so they saw "spam" and well...you know.

Ugh nevermind.

Melissa said...

Storyteller: It was, and it is! Thanks!

Grandy: I've been called Michelle, and I'll even answer to that at times, but Pam is kind of a stretch! :D

Although... I did have that post called "Peter PAN..." -I'm sure that must have been it! ;)