Monday, November 10, 2008

Dream: 125th St (Part 3)

I walked about 2 more blocks, with the 3 (I think 3?) kids, towards the point where I thought we'd be crossing onto 125th street, and where I expected to start walking through the really bad neighborhood. With each step, everything around us got darker, as if each footstep controlled the dimming of all light around us. I knew that if we kept walking towards there, in a few more steps we'd be surrounded by complete pitch blackness. But I kept walking, trying to see through the dark and trying to make my eyes adjust. Then, all of a sudden, we walked through what seemed like some kind of invisible barrier. I'd seen no sign of it or warning, but I felt it just as we passed through it -and stepped into what looked like a neighborhood from The Truman Show. BRIGHT sunny blue sky, perfectly kept houses and lawns, and the middle of the day in some picture perfect suburban neighborhood.

I thought "What the %$#@! ?" For a moment I was so caught off guard and it was such a startling difference, that I didn't know if this place was ok, but almost immediately, I realized it was. That this place was safe and ok. And I thought "He was wrong... The guy in the house... This is NOT where he said we'd end up if we continued to walk down that street! This is not what he said was there! He said long walks, dangerous neighborhood, waaaaaay over on the East Side, and turns and cabs and trains..." -This was also not where I'd thought we were going to be. Not initially, when I thought we were on 43rd street, or afterwards when the man had said we were at 125th street.

The little girl saw a friend of hers in a yard and went over to talk and play with her. I thought "Ok, so this is good. We're in a neighborhood that just HAPPENS to have one of her friends in it." I figured this was another plus or "safe point" in favor of this place, as far as the kids were concerned. At least there was something familiar here to one of them.
I realized, after I woke up, that I wasn't thinking about how to get home at this point because it was bright, sunny, and the middle of the day in this place, so there was no urgency. I was more looking around at everything and trying to figure out what had just happened.
I saw some people on a porch looking at two 8" x 10"-ish pictures. At first they were like black and white or sepia toned pictures, but they were moving. Kind of like the newspapers in Harry Potter movies. I think they may have gone back and forth between being moving pictures and being Televisions. (It's a dream, so that makes sense!)

The pictures were of the crazy guy and of the tourist family. In the picture, the man from the house DID look crazy. Scary creepy insane crazy. He was in one picture with his two or three crazy creepy scary looking demented adult sons (who I hadn't seen before) and was kind of laughing and and talking quickly, sounding almost like a used car salesman, yelling about how he and his family were insane. The tourist family was in the second picture, with the parents now looking completely insane and googly eyed. The remaining kids were there too but I don't think they were crazy. Just still there with the parents. I yelled at the pictures to try to get them to hear me. I didn't know if they could or not.

I was yelling, "Keep walking! GET OUT OF THERE! COME HOME! Just COME HOME! You have to COME HOME! COME HOME!" I wanted them to get past those TWO more blocks, just TWO blocks away! Where they would have then not been on 125th street (like the man had said) but in this other totally and completely ok and safe place, if they would just get up and go! If they would just do it! It wasn't far! Just two blocks away! But they weren't listening. I wanted to tell them that the man was wrong, and had maybe even deliberately lied to them, I didn't know, but that if they started to go home, if they walked just this little bit from where they were (not a long treacherous walk through a dark dangerous and scary neighborhood -as we'd all believed- but only a couple of blocks!) they'd be in this safe place.

I heard the little girl talking to her friend in the yard. They were saying something about a play they had supposedly done that day. It might have been what her family was coming home from. But her friend said they'd never done the play. That it had been delayed or postponed and they hadn't done it. The girl seemed a little taken aback by this information, but then said that explained why "something else" was the way it was. Something about something like a mark (Maybe a mark on her arm? I don't remember... ) that would have been made during the play, and she was wondering why it hadn't been there. But she said that if they'd never done the play, then that would explain it.

And as I was listening to this, I started to wonder, "So when did things start to get weird?" I'd thought it was when the family met, and started talking to, the man. But according to this, it seemed like things had started to get weird earlier, when this girl had thought she'd done a play but actually hadn't. Before they'd even started walking to their car and before I'd bumped into them. I wasn't sure how that worked...

-and then I woke up ;)

And I thought about a few things (because clearly if I wasn't over thinking this dream when I woke up, I would never have written it all down!)

(To be continued.)