Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Am Thankful For Online Grocery Shopping

On a day like today, I'm thankful for online grocery shopping just because of the convenience. But there were times when, due to injury or illness, I could not get to a grocery store in person. I ate a lot of takeout food then! -Except for the times I was physically unable to get to a grocery store and I'd lost my voice. Even ordering takeout food was impossible then.

My situation was temporary, but there are people who are always unable to get to a grocery store or to shop by themselves; People with physical challenges, shut-ins, the elderly, people who can't easily push a grocery cart, people who can't use a phone due to speech or hearing impairments, even people with certain mental disabilities.

Until recently, where I live, the only way to have groceries delivered was if you physically went to the store first, did your shopping, and then asked to have your purchases delivered when you paid at the cashier. There was no way to call, fax, or submit a grocery order online.

Eating healthy balanced meals has always been critical for people living with or recovering from physical or mental challenges, disabilities, or illness. Now a whole new class of physically and mentally challenged people finally have the tools to do just that. They can now order fresh produce, deli items, and even comfort food or junk food from their computers any time they want. For them, grocery shopping no longer needs to be a major planned event, and they no longer have to find ways to "make due" with canned, packaged, or take-out food until the next time someone is available to accompany them to a store.

Thanks to the increasing number of stores offering online grocery shopping in my area, thousands of people no longer have to be dependent on a volunteer or paid assistant to help them get something as basic as food. And now, thankfully, if I'm ever in that situation again, neither will I.



lisa's chaos said...

I have always liked the idea of grocery shoppping online. I just worry about the cost of it. I do like that now I can order a pizza online then run pick it up all hot and ready. :)

Grandy said...

I can appreciate the delivery of groceries, as it helps my 93 year old grandmother still be independent.

Vanessa said...

Isn't Fresh Direct the best? I love it too!

Nora Bee said...

What a nice post. And a good resource.

MP said...

There are lots of elderly people in the neighborhood where I live and it's fun to see the "shoppers" at the store..they have a list on a clipboard and they zoom through the store..then they have drivers take the groceries to people..I keep telling my parents to try but they won't..some are just stubborn! Why do it on line or over the phone when you have a daugheter :0)

Melissa said...

Lisa: I agree about the cost. If something costs significantly more to order online, I won't do it... unless I'm *really* desperate!

Grandy: See? That's exactly what I'm talking about :)

Vanessa: Are you spying on me? LOL! How do you know about Fresh Direct? Aren't you in Texas? :D I DO use Fresh Direct, (quite often) Fresh Direct definitely seems to have the largest selection and best prices in this area. But several other stores were offering online grocery shopping a year or so before them, including YourGrocer, Gristeedes, and.. ugh, what was the other one... UrbanFetch! They were great! (And possibly the first) I wish they were still around.

Nora: Honestly, it's invaluable when you need it. -And just nice when you don't *need* it but can use the convenience!

MP: Is it because they don't know how or are afraid they'll mess it up?

Maybe you should do it FOR them one day? -With or without their knowledge! Either take their list, walk over to their computer and do it right there, or take the list home, order from your computer, and tell them the food will be there in a few hours! Lol! I'd love to see that!