Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meme #3 & #5: Memorization, And Captain "Dad" Picard

Earlier this week I was tagged with my first meme: "Share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself." This is a further explanation of #3 and #5 on my list.

3. If I listen to a song 3 times, I know about 95% of it perfectly. Lyrics and music.

-That's pretty much all there is to say about this! Lol!

5. My father looks like Patrick Stewart. (Another of my friend's suggestions.)

Yes, my father looks like Captain Picard. Patrick's wiki photo could actually be a photo of my dad. My friends mention it, he's been mistaken for him, and when I watch re-runs of The Next Generation, even I sometimes see "my father" in the captain's chair. He and Patrick are now aging differently so they no longer look identical, but they could still pass for brothers. At least until they open their mouths. My father does a terrible British accent!



Grandy said...

Hmmmm...I used to think Patrick Stewart was a sexy older man (in a Sean Connery sort of way). Now I think that's somehow wrong because it's YOUR DAD!!

Nora Bee said...

Ooh, I love Capt Picard. You are lucky!

Rebecca said...

Lol. My uncle is a doppleganger for Billy Gibbons (beard guy from ZZTop). He's stopped all the time for pictures and autographs. No one knows the name 'Billy Gibbons', not even my uncle, they just say, "Hey, look, it's ZZTop!". He signs his own name. Lately, he's getting a lot of "Hey, look, it's Burt's Bees!" too.

Fortunately, no one asks him to sing or for lip balm. But my cousins, his daughters, all use the Burt's Bees stuff, feeling a sense of loyalty to the brand!

Melissa said...

Grandy: I know... it's a bit weird isn't it? You can still think about Patrick. My dad's about 10 years older than him :)

Nora: Yeah, well, if he'd just let me borrow the space ship once in a while...

Rebecca: Burt's Bees! Lol! That's funny! I don't even know what he looks like! I'll have to check the next time I'm at the store.

Melissa said...

Grandy, I take that back. I *thought* they were closer in age and they are. They're 4 years apart. (But you can still dream :) )