Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pinto Akitas

Pinto Akitas
19 month old girls

I'd never seen a Pinto Akita before. From a distance they looked like they were wearing snowsuits.

Pinto Akitas

Pinto Akitas

Pinto Akitas



Vanessa said...

I've never seen one either. Those two look very well behaved and very smart. Little cuties!

Grandy said...

C.U.T.E! :)

Kendra said...

*snort* They do look like they're wearing snowsuits. Tooo Cute!

MP said...

They are SO beautiful!

Melissa said...

Aren't they neat looking? Their owner was very nice too. For what it's worth, they had absolutely no interest in me. In almost every picture, they were watching a squirrel ;)

Rebecca said...

Ooooh. They are SO beautiful. AND so well behaved. That still, while watching a squirrel?? WooOOOOooow. I'd want to hug them, but they're so well behaved, they'd probably lecture me on proper protocol... 8-}

Melissa said...

The squirrel is why they were so still. They were totally transfixed. -And SO not interested in looking at me or the camera!

They were also staring at another couple's dog and at one point, the guy deliberately walked behind me with his dog, so the akitas would FINALLY be staring in my direction! :D