Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Need To Eat More Onions

Or at least eat them more quickly.

onions growing wild in my refrigerator

onions growing wild in my refrigerator

onion that looks like a stork

onions sprout growing through mesh in plastic basket

(Sorry. No "Jesus" onions.)



Anonymous said...

Get the crock pot out..cut em up and put them in their w/ a roast...then you can cut the meat up and make some big ole sandwhiches.. Ooo I'm making myself hungry.

Alice said...

hahaaaaaa. that's awesome. i've done that with potatoes, but it still wasn't THAT impressive :-)

Mac and Cheese said...

The onions aren't as impressive as the cleanliness of your refrigerator.

Melissa said...

MP: Now THAT was a good idea. Why didn't I do that? I just threw them out. Figured the wouldn't be good anymore. Don't they lose their flavor once they sprout like that? Plus, a weird side of me figured that if I threw them out might be able to survive in a landfill somewhere and keep growing. (Yeah I know... let me dream ;) )

alice: Thank you :) It really was very impressive! Lol!

Mac: Yeah. Thank you :) It actually is that clean. My whole place is pretty clean except when it comes to floors. I do not keep up on that as well as I should. When my nephew visited me every week the floors were SPOTLESS -because he was crawling. Blame the state of my floors on him learning how to walk ;)