Monday, June 9, 2008

More On The Template And Label/Tag Cloud

I have trouble figuring out what kind of look I ultimately want for this blog. I know I haven't found it yet. For the past few weeks I've been very tempted to switch to the "minima-white" template with no added anything!

I know how to make a template and I can make them for other people sometimes, but it's harder for myself. When I look at pre-made templates, the ones I'm most drawn to are the dark ones or the more "mysterious" looking themes. Themes that would probably go well with some kind of pirate or fantasy or victorian or even a haunted house site. In other words, themes that would be totally wrong for this blog! This is not a dark or mysterious themed blog. At least it's not meant to be! So then I go in the other direction and I feel like the templates I see or come up with almost too cheerful.

It's a very weird and frustrating contrast: what I'm drawn to visually these days vs what I'm writing about here. For this site, I'd like a template that's a little more cheerful than "neutral," possibly quirky, but not obnoxiously happy. This isn't quiet those either but it's closer than my previous one(s). I'm certain the template I have now will not be the last you'll see. But for now, I like it more than the previous ones.

Label Cloud

A couple of people asked about the label cloud I used for my categories. -That's what it's called. A "Label Cloud" or a "Tag Cloud." I'm glad some of you like it because I was undecided about using it. I'm still toying with the idea of using a collapsable list instead.

The "cloud" shows each label/tag/category in a different size and color based on how many posts are assigned to it. In my cloud, labels with the fewest posts are small and in blue, and labels with the most posts are large and in yellow. All other labels have colors and sizes in between according to their post count. -This is handled automatically by the script, which can be found at phydeaux3's website.

The instructions are pretty straight forward. I changed a few things on mine like the colors, the spacing, and the font. The default font that I set, for those who have it (which according to Code is about 70% of you) is Papyrus. For computers that don't have Papyrus, the font will display as Arial, and for the two or three computers in the world that don't have Arial, it'll show whatever sans serif font they do have (which is all those other fonts that look almost exactly like Arial but aren't.)

Thank you for the feedback on the new template so far. Keep it coming! If there's something you don't like about it, let me know that too!
Now's the time to say something before you're stuck reading it like this FOR EVER (or until I get around to re-doing this yet again ;) )



Anonymous said...

I'm LOVIN the new template. VERY VERY cool!!

Kendra said...

I love it.....but you know how I'm that crazy 'color' person - there is a Lot of white :). BUT - its really cool and clean (as apposed to hot and dirty) and fun. Lurve it still :).

Melissa said...

Thanks MP!

Kendra: I kind of agree. There is a lot of white. Or maybe it's not just the white as much as it is that it's overall pretty bright. It's one of the things I'm uncertain about. I've been playing with other colors, but then when I come back to the white I like it better than some of the things I was trying :o/ I may change it or may leave it as is for a while and see how I feel about it later. Thanks for the feedback :)

Vanessa said...

I love the tag clouds!

Melissa said...

Thanks Vanessa. :) I think I'm liking it more now too.

Alice said...

i loooove the font in the label cloud. i used to hand in papers in college in a similar font ;-)