Wednesday, June 25, 2008

World's Smallest Chicken

My sister and I passed a spot in Central Park that looked oddly familiar. It didn't take long to realize it was the very same spot where a Geocache had eluded us a year earlier.

Although I didn't have my GPS with me, we decided to check out the area again and see if we could find it. Of course, without a GPS and the exact coordinates, we only had a general idea of where to look, but it turned out that didn't matter, because about one minute into our search, I noticed a family surrounding a zip-loc bag and a small container. So I made a beeline for them walked calmly over to them and said "DID YOU JUST FIND THE GEOCACHE??!" Yes they did!

They gave me the logbook to sign, "TNLN," (-That's geo-speak for "took nothing, left nothing.") then I asked if they'd swapped out an item for themselves. They had.

Boy holding a miniscule rubber chicken. Barely the size of a penny.

It's a chicken.



Abbie said...

GEOCACHING? Pretty neat concept. So they found the item you guys were looking for last year??

Melissa said...

There's a container hidden there, and inside the container is a log book and a bunch of small objects. You're supposed to sign the log book, choose a small object to keep, replace it with a small object of your own, then put the container back.

They found the container I couldn't find last year. And that "chicken" was the item they selected to keep! -Which cracked me up. I couldn't even see what it was. Nobody could! Lol! I'm not sure what they put in in its place.

You should get (borrow) a GPS when you have the chance and go with MM. He'd love it. But he has to be able to keep a secret and not tell everyone where the hidden containers are. For that reason, I usually take kids with "loose lips" to caches in places they'll never find, remember, or visit again. (ie. not the park around the corner! ;) )

Vanessa said...

What a very cool idea! I love it. I wonder if there is one near me?

Melissa said...

There is definitely one near you. There will be loads near you. I guarantee it! Read my post on geocaching.