Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm On Bossy!

Well sort of... Can you spot me?

Bossy's Collage
Photo Collage from

How many of you got the hint? Yup that's right. This is me :)

Me with a blue dot covering my face -On purpose!

Seriously. That's the picture I submitted of myself for her collage. And I'm right above what appears to be the oh so cute Pete! (aka Fiddley Gomme) -Who by the way, is NOT a girl!

She thinks we're cute! (anybody else hearing Rudolph in their head?)

I'm so proud.

You may bow.

PS: I tried to find another word for "Cute" since it's used THREE TIMES above, so I looked it up in my thesaurus, and one of the words it offered was "Twee." -"Twee???" As in what? "I'm this many?" or "I'm going to go cwimb it now?"
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Pete Dunn said...

Yup, that's me. You get to tell everyone you were on top though.

Alice said...

oooh! this means you're famous now, doesn't it? :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm on this link...

I think it's quite easy to spot me since she called me out :-)

I didn't realize you were such a pretty shade of blue.

Anonymous said...

The top left guy looks like Michael McDonald

ps...left you love at my blog

Joe said...

I would have guessed the woman with the squirrel on her arm.

If I ever run across a woman with a pale blue dot for a face in Fairway's cold room I'll be sure to say hello.

Hillary said...

Heh! Melissa, you crack me up! Blue dot girl...

Grandy said...

Um...I know I'm technically challenged but the pics aren't there. I wanna see!!

Vanessa said...

Love it! Also, there is an awesome website called visualthesaurus that I use often. It's a new techie version of a thesaurus and works like (my) brain works!

Melissa said...

Pete!: I knew that was you :) -And yes... I suppose I do! Ha!

Alice: From this? Not so much. But I'll be happy to sign an autograph if you REALLY want one ;)

MP: I remember when I saw yours there :) And, he does look a little like Michael McDonald. If anyone knows who those other 4 people *really* are I'll link the picture to them too.

Joe: You know what? That would have been an excellent guess. I probably would have guessed her too! Lol! And thank you for pointing out that it was a squirrel. I couldn't figure out what the heck was on her arm! Now of course it seems obvious!

Hillary: I'm so bluuuueeee.. ;)

Grandy: They aren't? There should be two in that post. A collage on top and a single one below. Are neither showing for you? Try refreshing the page.

Vanessa: What a weird site. I just tried it. Or maybe I should say a "precious" or "cunning" site since those are the words it gave me for "cute." (Er... Cunning???)

Grandy said...

Ok...I came back and saw it now. Maybe it was my laptop giving me issues.

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