Sunday, December 9, 2007

I Channel Adrian Monk In My Sleep

I had a dream that I wanted to clean up a work area and move a bunch of items into an empty cabinet. I got permission to use the cabinet and wanted to make sure that a few other people who used those supplies would know where they were being moved. I also wanted to move some large empty Christmas Tree boxes into a closet that had plenty of space and was barely used, so it was the perfect place to put them. I was really eager to do this ASAP but I had to speak to another person or two first and let them know what was going on.

Then (in the dream) my laptop broke. I had no idea why but somehow it had been stored with the screen laying back completely flat and needless to say it had snapped off. A co-worker in my dream told me it never costs more than $50 to fix that (ha!) and also that they'd seen me fix things before and I could easily fix that too.

Then I dreamt that a childhood friend contacted me to tell me she was very sick with some new kind of heart disease.

Then I dreamt that someone I know, who is in her 40s, was working at a sleepaway camp for the first time. She was having a blast and told me that on the first day the kids had been dying to go into the water so she ran down the hill and jumped into the lake with her clothes on because she thought it would be funny and that the kids would all follow. But instead the kids all stopped at the edge of the water and looked at her like she was crazy.

Then a short time later I woke up. And do you know what I thought?

"Great! Now I'll never be able to clean up that storage space! I should have done that before I woke up!"

-It's a gift... And a curse.



MP said...

Great dream..I had a dream the other day that one of our factory reps started selling pot and they decided that we should all smoke pot at work every day..and they made fun of me because I didn't know that pot came in a powdered form now and just went in a one hit pipe..then vendor really came in the other day and heard about my dream..he put some tea in a clear baggie and threw it on my desk while I was on the phone..I nearly choked holding back the laughter!
I love dreaming!

Grandy said...

Oh honey...we do need to get you out drinking more, don't we?? ;) If ever you're sleep walking, feel free to come my way and have a gander at my could use some Monk.

Melissa said...

MP that's really funny! I laughed out loud when I read that.

Grandy, you cracked me up too! I probably could use a good night out!

David said...

Hi, this is Jen, not David (husband). Ha ha... I love Monk!

Melissa said...

Hi Jen (not David husband!) Thanks for stopping by! :)