Friday, December 7, 2007

Pass The Wine

At Costco yesterday, I had the good fortune to arrive at almost every sample table just as they were putting out food. The first table I arrived at had cheese. Really good cheese. I ended up buying some even though it was expensive.

As I was sampling the cheese, a woman (who appeared to be in her 70s or so) asked the "sample man" if he had any wine to try with the cheese. He said no. I thought that was kind of interesting. This woman was friendly and nicely dressed. I figured she knew her cheeses, was thinking about the holidays and possibly entertaining, and wanted to know how this cheese would taste with various wines. I never think about stuff like that. I'm happy just eating the cheese! But she, nicely, told the man that she really wished they'd had wine to try with the cheese.

Several aisles later I saw another sample table with crackers and dip. As I approached that table I heard a woman's voice say there should be wine with those. When she turned around I realized it was the same woman from the cheese table. I asked her "Are you still looking for wine?" She recognized me and smiled, then said "They really should have wine with these things!" I laughed and kept walking.

About twenty minutes and approximately five sample tables later, I approached my last sample table for the day, and guess who was already there engaged in a conversation with the employee working the table?

Do you have any wine?


You should though. There should be wine with this.

It's cereal.

But it's dry.

So much for being a connoisseur of fine wine and cheese. The lady just wanted her booze!



MP said...

OMG..that is funny..but sad in an odd way...

storyteller said...

LOL -- goes to show it takes all kinds ... and demonstrates why it's foolish to make assumptions :)
Thanks for sharing ... eh, pass the wine please.
Hugs and blessings,

Hillary said...

PASS THE WINE! Amen, Sister! I could use a drink right now

Ok, now I'm gonna go actually read what you posted! I was just so excited at the title!!!

Hillary said...

Uhm, that's kinda strange! But funny! Crazy old lady! ;)

Melissa said...

mp: I think she's ok. She was very well dressed and seemed pretty "together" (albiet a bit fixated on the wine!) She was with a friend who also seemed very nice, but a bit quieter and more interested in actually shopping for FOOD.

storyteller: Hey, she may still be throwing a great party with wine and cheese, and crackers and dip... and cereal.

HIllary it cracks me up that you got so excited just from the title! Rough day there? Lol! Maybe I should send *you* a box of cereal to go with your wine! :D