Sunday, December 30, 2007

At Least My Character Didn't Burst Into Flames: Part 2

To re-cap from yesterday:

Kendra's post about her Sims experience reminded me of some problems I once had with a computer game.

Several years ago, I bought a Star Trek game (which I can't even see right now... I'm sure it's here somewhere) because it had a virtual reality "walk through" of the starship Voyager as an included "extra." I loved Voyager so I bought the game for a few dollars on Ebay. The VR wasn't really true to Voyager but it didn't cost me that much so I decided to try it out. [I had a few problems. Part 1 of the story is here.]
Later, while I was exploring the ship, I decided to check out Engineering. After exploring the lower level, I decided I wanted to see the upper catwalk area as well, so I stood where I believed the lift should be and pushed the button on the control panel. I waited and nothing happened. Then suddenly the room shook violently and I started to hear a strange repetitive sound, and each time I heard the sound the room shook violently again and turned red. I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on. "Red Alert" maybe? Weapon's fire? But nobody in the room was acting as if the ship were under attack. Then I noticed that my "life points" were going down with each sound (which according to an email I wrote at the time, sounded like "WHAM! UNGH!" "WHAM! UNGH!") and that's when I realized... The room wasn't shaking. I was being bonked on the head repeatedly by the elevator which had come DOWN to get me, and apparently I was standing underneath it (wondering why the room was shaking and why my LIFE points were going down!!!)

-Well you don't have to hit me on the head with an elevator more than... 8 or 9 times! I MOVED! Then I thought "Geeze... This might be a good time to further explore sickbay!" -And by the way, no characters in the game thought to help me or tell me I was standing under the elevator! Nor was there a sign anywhere that said "whatever you do, DON'T stand HERE!"

So I went to sickbay, and the doctor ignored me. He kept telling me I wasn't sick and that I should leave. I tried getting his attention. I even tried lying down on a bed and using some of the medical instruments on myself, but nothing was helping my life points. They were still dangerously low -and the doctor was STILL telling me that I was fine and I should leave! I thought "Are you HIGH??? I've just been HIT ON THE HEAD WITH AN ELEVATOR! -EIGHT OR NINE TIMES!!!"

I don't know how I figured it out, but eventually I realized that what I needed to do was eat. I think I may have gone to a replicator to get myself some meds or a very large bandaid or something, and somewhere in there I ate something and my life points went up. So I ate more and more and eventually my health was restored to 100%.

So, today's lesson? If you ever get hit on the head with an elevator, don't seek medical attention, just find yourself an "all you can eat buffet." Because contrary to what psychotherapists and fitness gurus would have you believe, it seems food actually is the solution to all problems!

Part 3 is here.



Kendra said...

Hahahahahaha!!! Next time I ram my head into the car doorframe when I'm getting out I'll run inside and have a sandwich. That is too funny.

MP said...

That is classic!!
I thought you were going to say that you accidently hit "self destruct"...
What kind of food came out of the replicator??

Mac and Cheese said...

That's funny stuff!

storyteller said...

Ohmygosh ... that's just too hilarious for words! I'm having trouble typing the right letters because I'm laughing so hard (but don't want to make typos and let YOU make fun of ME).
Hugs and blessings,

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, I looked over some emails that I wrote to a friend when I was trying to figure these things out and they are hilarious. Like when the bad game file caused my character to have some "gender confusion"!

And "Self Destruct!" -I have a DIFFERENT story about that! Lol! I'm going to have to dig through those emails and write some more posts about my "gaming experiences" because they're just really sad! Lol!

MP: I don't remember what kind of food came out of the replicator. I may have to re-launch the game at some point and check. It's been about 5 years!

wonderland said...

thats funny !