Friday, December 28, 2007

The Last Operation Santa Claus Delivery

Operation Santa Claus 2007
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This post is a couple of days late because I figured I'd posted enough on this topic! But then I realized that a lot of people haven't been posting to their blogs the last few days, (Anyone else notice that? I think they're all too darned tired!) so I figured I'd fill you in on how the last delivery went and give you all something to read!

Remember how one mother wasn't in when I delivered gifts? I'd left my name and number with a co-worker of hers hoping she'd call me before Christmas so I could get her daughter's gifts to her in time, and had decided that I'd wait until Christmas day to see if she called, and then mail the gifts the following day if I didn't hear from her. On the day after Christmas, about one hour before I left for the post office to mail the gifts, she called. It turns out nobody had told her who I was or why I'd wanted to reach her. She'd thought I was a business call. When she found out why I'd wanted to reach her she squealed "You're SANTA!!!" :)

We arranged to meet at the subway station a half a block away from where she works. She arrived with a friend and was beaming. We hugged each other over the turnstyle, and I handed her the gifts and told her what they were. Then she surprised me by handing me a xeroxed photo of her beautiful 4 year old daughter. On it, she'd written "Dear Santa, Thank you! Thank you! Love, [her daughter's name]."

(Yeah, I know it sounds like the end of a Hallmark movie, but that's what really happened :) )



storyteller said...

Hi - I'm glad to hear that all went well with this last delivery and I luv Hallmark endings :)

As for people not blogging much lately, I suppose they could be tired, but I've been BUSY ... and finding the time to post, visit, respond and deal with holiday stuph has been challenging for me.

Hmmm ... while I'm here, I'd like to thank you for the HTML info you offered a while back. I've "studied" your samples as you suggested and learned to add the info to links so they open in a new page SOME of the time. If it's just a URL no problem, but for the YouTube links in my T-13 post this week, I can't get it to work although I've tried a variety of "positionings" of the
space target=_blank"
you suggested. There's code after the URL on those links that I don't understand. Any suggestions for me?

Hope you're enjoying your post holiday time and are gearing up for the new year, celebrating in whatever way you enjoy. I usually ring the new year in snoring these days unless fireworks in the neighborhood wake me at midnight.
Hugs and blessings,

Melissa said...

There's three parts to the link you want to create.

The link code itself is


Inside that you want to add


and the target part which in this case is


Your youtube URL for "Straight No Chaser" is

That whole thing, with the equal signs and question marks, is the URL. That's what needs to go between the quotation marks after



Your link code with no information is:


Add the href information after the 'a' and you have:

<a href="">

Add the target information after the href information and you have:

<a href="" target="_blank">

Finish your link by adding the text you want to link and the closing </a> tag and you have:

<a href="" target="_blank">Straight No Chaser</a >

Now stare at those for a while ;)

Melissa said...

As for "ringing in the New Year with snoring" you made me laugh out loud! :D I'll have to remember to post a related New Years story in a couple of days :)

Kendra said...

That brought tears to my eyes :) I love hearing about people who, when blessed by another, take it to heart and are excited/thankful. I'm so glad you shared all of this.

storyteller said...

Melissa - I'm so happy to have brought laughter this morning :)
I shall look forward to the related story whenever you post it.

I've stared and conquered, at least for the moment. I had the placement correct initially but (alas) forgot the " after the _ before the b in blank (if that makes any sense). This week's Thursday Thirteen post provided optimal practice opportunity as I brought it into the editor and proceeded to add target=_"blank" at the appropriate spot 22 times for the Straight No Chaser YouTube links (and a few more times for good measure on the numerous other links contained in that post). I believe anything anyone clicks on in that post opens a separate page in the browser and I've had enough practice to FIX this HTML code in my brain ... perhaps indefinitely if not forever. I'm grateful for your patience and clarity.
Hugs and blessings,

Melissa said...

Kendra: Thank you :) I was thinking people might have been getting a bit sick of reading about that! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Storyteller: Don't hate me for this, but it's not quite right! It might be working for now, but your code isn't correct.

The quote should start before the underscore. It should look like this: