Saturday, December 22, 2007

Operation Santa Claus Part 2

Operation Santa Claus 2007
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Otherwise known as "How to run yourself ragged right before Christmas" ;)

First of all I know I have comments to reply to. I promise I will but it may take a while! [-All caught up... I think?]

This morning I went out early to finish up some shopping. I actually did consider dinosaurs for the boys at one place I went to, but they came with a mean little safari guy whose accessories included chains to chain the dinosaur and a collection of tiny little guns. -I guess to shoot tiny little holes in the dinosaur. I didn't get them that! But I did end up with gifts I'm happy with for the boys (and I am so GLAD about that!). I ended up getting each of them a talking Power Ranger that morphs into a plane (they're also getting fleece sweatshirts). This Power Ranger has 3 things going for it. 1) Each boy has a sister who's getting a talking Dora (and clothes), so the talking Power Ranger makes a good match. 2) It's for 4 years old and up (Thank you! Transformers were for 6yrs and up!) 3) If they don't like Power Rangers (or don't like the BLUE Power Ranger), they can use it as a plane! :P

I also got a package of mini candy canes and each kid is getting 6 of those taped all over their boxes, plus each kid is getting 2 sheets of stickers taped (as an entire sheet) to the outside of their boxes.

Shopping and wrapping took me until 3pm. Then I went out to start delivering. Right now, I'm tired. Over tired actually. I think (because of where these kids live) that it may take 2 more days to get the rest delivered, but I'd love to be able to get them all done tomorrow and have at least ONE day to rest before Christmas. The thing is, some of these families might be in Church tomorrow (Sun) and that might make catching them at home a bit difficult. Plus they're not all near each other so it takes a while to get to each one. It's going to be a lot of trains, buses and walking. At least this time the gifts are on wheels (luggage.) I'd have brought "wheels" with me when I was shopping yesterday but I'd only planned to get gifts for ONE kid! I didn't know I was going to LOSE MY MIND! ;)

Honestly I don't regret any of this. I would have liked to have done this earlier but it wasn't possible, so I'm glad I'm doing it now rather than not at all. But it is hard to cram this all into the last days before Christmas. For one thing, if I'd been able to do these sooner I would have popped all these suckers in the mail!

-Wish me luck tomorrow. I would really really love to get the rest of these delivered in one day.



storyteller said...

I'm here again .... wishing you good luck with all the deliveries. Might have left this earlier if I'd approached your blog through Google Reader rather than gmail. Somehow I missed this post in the exchanges over HTML code and the birthday greetings to Cammy. So ... when you get home, take your shoes off (put on some fuzzy slippers and make yourself some tea or hot chocolate) and RELAX a while. This is a wonderful gift you're giving ... and I'm definitely going to check this out for next year in MY neck of the Universe. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us and bravo for using "wheels" today.
Hugs and blessings,