Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Very First Gingerbread House

It was from a kit, and yes I could do better, but it was my first time and I just wanted to have fun! (Next year I'll work on technique ;) )

(Like the hair on the one on the left? :) )




Top View
(And probably the only view you get of the Christmas Tree behind the guy with the big hair -or headdress or whatever!)

Extra Gingerbread Men People
(The one on the right is wearing a bikini and a jaunty hat)

Solar Powered Biosphere

Ok, no not really, but that's what it looks like doesn't it? ;) It's an upside down clear storage container. I have to keep it enclosed in something otherwise my Gingerbread House might turn into a Roach Motel. -No sense tempting fate.

Yay! My very first gingerbread house! :) :) :)



Cammy said...

Looks both schnazzy and tasty....mmmmmm giiiiiingerbread.....

And that container worked out really well. If you hadn't told me it was a storage container, I would have just assumed it was a cake carrier.

lattemommy said...

Very cute! Your bikini-clad gingerbread lady looks like she'd be pretty comfortable in a roach-infested motel that rents its' rooms by the hour... Hee hee.

Nora Bee said...

I'm most impressed! Very crafty indeed.

Melissa said...

Cammy: It's a bit big for a cake carrier! Lol! I know it's hard to get a sense of scale, but the house was too tall for any normal cake carrier. That was the problem.

lattemommy: Lol! Yes you're probably right! :D

nora bee: I am still so waaay envious of your recent vacation :) Thanks for popping by!

Mac and Cheese said...

Nice job! If it was at my house, you'd have to surround it with barbed wire. My dog would get to it way before the roaches.

storyteller said...

Most impressive … especially for a first go at such a thing! I recall one year a mom volunteered to have my 4th graders make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers, icing and a variety of candies. It was a messy activity, but they turned out surprisingly cute (not to mention tasty). I don't know how many made it home ... but the kids were on a sugar high for the rest of the day and the ants moved in to my classroom until the custodian took care of things! Live and learn you say? I'll do most anything once ... but don't often repeat a mistake.
Hugs and blessings,

MP said...

LOVE IT!!! Way creative on the little people...

Kendra said...

Kudos to you for even trying It looks beautiful and delicious...which is a dangerous combination :).

Melissa said...

mac and cheese: Believe me, I've lived the "barbed wire" life in the past. Actually it was more like a "suspend from the ceiling" life!

Storyteller: I'd planned for my first gingerbread house(s) to be graham cracker ones! But then when I saw a kit with everything I needed to build a full sized house, I figured I'd give this a try instead. Maybe next year I'll do the graham cracker ones :)

mp: Thanks :) I thought it was obvious that the middle one was Santa but so far no one I've asked realized that! Lol! So.... THE MIDDLE ONE IS SANTA! :D

The "gingerbread people" decorations were largely based on which candy was left. There would have been more to choose from had I not been eating the extra candy towards the end!

kendra: Yes, it is dangerous. I've already started eating it! I'm picking from the back corner first to try to preserve the illusion of a complete house for as long as possible!