Monday, April 28, 2008

Alarm Clock

About 2 weeks ago, I set my alarm clock, woke up before it went off (as I generally do), got up, put my murphy bed up into the wall (I have a murphy bed), and went about my day. About an hour later, the alarm went off. Closed up in the bed. I'd forgotten to turn it off before getting out of bed, and there it was chirping away -as it would continue to do all day- until I turned it off. There's no auto-off on this alarm. It doesn't turn itself off after a certain amount of time.

I think I was in the middle of doing something, or maybe I was just trying to get out the door because, for whatever reason, I didn't feel like I had the time to take down the bed again and turn off the clock. So I unplugged it. I told myself I'd plug it back in before bed and re-set it that night. Well I didn't. And every night for the past two weeks, when I've gone to bed, I've rolled over at some point to check the time, seen my blank clock staring back at me, and told myself that I would plug the clock back in "tomorrow." I know... why not get up and do it then? The door to the murphy bed blocks the closet when the bed is down, and the outlet is in there. So that'd mean putting the whole bed back up again to plug in the clock, and once I'm in bed, I want to stay in bed, not do calisthenics!

For the past two weeks I've done fine. I don't usually need an alarm to wake up. (I didn't that morning!) I can see the clock on my DVD player or my stereo from my bed so I've looked to those when I needed to know the time and it's been fine.

This morning, however, I needed an alarm. Again, the clock was not plugged back in. I woke up early and wanted to go back to sleep, but you know how that works... Wake up early, go back to sleep, OVERSLEEP. But I could really use the extra hour and half of sleep right now. Really.

So, I went to my PDA to set that alarm. Battery low. It turned itself off. No problem. I reached for my cellphone to set its alarm. Battery low. It turned itself off.

So now I'm up.

I really need to plug that dumb clock back in. (And charge my phone and PDA!)

Edit: At ten minutes to 9, my phone rang. I picked it up, said hello, the phone beeped and the battery went dead. I called the person back on my other phone and learned that my 9:30 appointment was cancelled. I could go back to bed. I tried but about 15 minutes later I got up for good. -I think my home was invaded by some kind of energy-sucking vortex last night. Which, oddly, would be kind of in keeping with a dream I had...



MP said...

I love that you have a Murphey Bed.. I guess I didn't really know that they still exsisted..

Alice said...

ack! gah! i got frustrated just READING that post! sleep is what i prize over nearly anything else... i'm excellent at falling back asleep if i'm allowed to. and, uh, even if i'm not allowed to. oops.

Mac and Cheese said...

I completely understand this post. I have a light bulb in my shower stall that needs changing, but I only ever remember it when I'm actually soaking wet and in the shower. It's been a year now. Maybe I could do it now instead of reading blogs?

Vanessa said...

This morning was not kind to you. Get the energy vampire outta there for tonight!

Melissa said...

mp: Of course they exist! Just like fairies :)
alice: I was too tired to be frustrated! Lol!
mac: Yup. Same type of thing.
vanessa: I went to bed early. It was good. I plan on doing the same tonight.