Thursday, April 3, 2008

First Birthday

In my baby book is an envelope with about fifteen cards from my first birthday. Some are very cute. Several have fuzzy textures on the pictures. It seems fuzzy cards were in back then.

Some Highlights
  • One from my parents, which is really sweet. They actually bothered to go out, buy a card for my first birthday, and sign it. Well... my mom did anyway. She also put the wrong date on it (May is the fifth month of the year!)

  • A card from my grandparents signed with glue and silver glitter.

  • These two cards which I loved when I was younger. I looked at and played with them all the time.

    Card one is a bunny. Card 2 is a little girl carrying a candy apple three times her height trying to catch a drop of it on her tongue

  • And then there's this card which I never read until today.

    "Dear Melissa:

    We know we're rushing you dear by sending you a card for a 2 year old, but this was a prettier card than the one they had for one year olds. Confused? Have your mommy and daddy explain it to you when you get a little older. And by the way, don't throw this card away since we won't be sending you one next year. A little present is on its way. Have a happy birthday."



Hillary said...

hehe! Very cute!

Your birthday is coming up, then??? ;)

Athena said...

When I was a child, my baby book fascinated me. First of all, I was the first, so my mom had more time to fill out mine than my sister's. Mine was a big fancy affair with a hard cover. Hers was just a paperback one with local advertising in it. It made me feel quite superior!LOL!

Second, it confirmed for me that I was was not adopted and I actually belonged to this family.

What exactly is it about baby books that fascinate us?


Melissa said...

Hillary: Yup. Oh you wanted the date? Lol! ;)
(May 7th)

Athena: Same with me re: being the first. My book is more filled out than the others. Your "superior" book, though, cracks me up! :D

I looked through my book my whole life so it was always there. As an adult I rarely look at it now, but it's nice to have. It's nice that they cared enough, then, to do something like that and to note certain things. I suppose blogs are like that for some parents now. Complete with videos :)

Vanessa said...

OMG, kind funny and crazy at the same time!

Melissa said...

Yeah... that pretty much sums up a lot of people in my life! :D

MP said...


Grandy said...

I still have the one I gave my little guy. None from when I was little...but I have the last birthday card I got from my Dad. Strangely poignant for him. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

Hee hee! Grandy and MP catching up! I love this. More comments! Lol! :D