Sunday, April 27, 2008

B Is For...

  1. B is for Baked goods. I like most home baked things but I don't usually buy store bought cakes, pies or cookies. I'd rather make my own if I'm really craving something. Or just eat a chocolate bar!
  2. B is for Basketball. Which just reminded me of the song from the musical Runaways. A great show if you know any teens young enough to do it. Very powerful show when you're young. Great acting piece. (Aaaand now I've got those songs stuck in my head!)
  3. B is for Boys. My whole life I've had about an equal number of male and female friends. Even when I was younger and it wasn't "cool" to be friends with boys! I never understood that. I remember adults and kids being shocked that I had boys at my birthday parties, and that I was actually friends with them! (Imagine the horror!)
  4. B is for Bazooka Bubble Gum. Anyone remember that? That little pink rectangle, covered with a slight dusting of powder, and that indentation down the center. Were we really supposed to split that? Like an aspirin? Do they still make that? I loved reading those comics.
  5. B is for Blue. In recent years, I've taken a liking to medium and light blues.
I think yesterday's list was too long. So I'm stopping at five today :)



Alice said...

is THAT what the split in bazooka gum was for???

Melissa said...

I think? What the heck else would it be for? But who the heck would ever split that? (Or would need a line to do so!)

Grandy said...

Nah...No split there. It was to show you how far in you had to go before you would break your teeth.

Melissa said...

Yeah, some of those were hard as rocks!