Saturday, April 26, 2008

D Is For...

  1. D is for Donuts which, believe it or not, I don't like. I'm not sure why. Everybody likes donuts. I like the idea of donuts. They look pretty, I want to like them, but they make me queasy. I think it might be the grease they're fried in. I don't like those fried dough things with powdered sugar that you can get at fairs either. Same queasiness.
  2. D is for Doodle. I got kicked out of 2nd grade for doodling. Someday I'll tell that story. And yes I was let back in! (I should start keeping a list of the stories I say I'm going to tell you guys "someday.")
  3. D is for "Don't play that" as in "Homey don't..."
  4. D is for Discover. A great word in any situation.
  5. D is for Delivery. Sometimes a surprise, sometimes a convenience, usually a good thing in my book.
  6. D is for Dracula. I'm not into Dracula or vampires, but I once had a hotel room in Italy with huge windows directly across from my bed that looked exactly like the windows Dracula always few through. I checked and there was no way someone could climb up to them, but I was kind of wondering if someone might swoop in one night. Staring across the foot of my bed at those windows was a bit creepy, but also kind of cool -in a very creepy sort of way.
  7. D is for Drink. I drink 8-12 cups of water a day. I really do. I have a container that holds 4 cups of water and I generally go through that 2-3 times a day. I'd never be able to keep track of or remember if I'd had 8 or 12 separate cups of water, but with the larger container, I can remember and keep track of 3!
  8. D is for Double. My mom is a twin. There's TWO of her! Twins supposedly skip a generation. Every time my sister got pregnant I told her "It could be twins!" My friend's sister in law gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl) and the next time she got pregnant they figured that they'd be covered whether they had a boy or a girl because they had clothing for both sexes left over from the twins. Know what she had? ANOTHER set of twins! Boy and girl again. -They're not getting pregnant anymore! (And no fertility drugs. Just a natural twin factory!)
  9. D is for Dreams. Another area I should talk about more. I've always had a pretty active dream life.
  10. D is for Done. I like being done with things. And now I'm also done with this list! :)



Mac and Cheese said...

Funnel cakes, those fried dough thingies covered in icing are the best things ever!!! What's wrong with you???

Melissa said...

I know. My dad LOVES them.

I WANT to like them. I try to like them. I try eating them very slowly sometimes, little by little, to see if maybe my stomach won't notice. But it does, and then it's kinda hard to like something when you feel like you're gonna vomit!

It's the same with any fried desserts. Many pastries too. But I can eat fried non-dessert food so I don't know what the deal is. Different kind of oil maybe?

Vanessa said...

I couldn't imagine there being TWO of my mother! It's scary enough with one of her!

Melissa said...

YOU understand :)