Sunday, April 20, 2008

On The Steps Of The Catholic School

After my mortified friend told me about her son's latest trick, I told her we had to put this story in "letter format" so I could post in on my blog. We wrote this in the car:

Dear God,

Please forgive my son for standing on the front steps of his Catholic school during dismissal time and yelling out "Hey mom! Guess who this is!" then throwing his arms out to either side, closing his eyes, and hanging his head down diagonally (in front of all the teachers, kids, and other parents!)

He knows not what he does.

And, more importantly, please do not hold this against me because I have no idea where he learned that!



Alice said...

bwaahahahaaaa. your poor friend. that's awesome.

Dory said...

LOL... Kids are too funny.

I borrowed one of your April buttons. Very pretty. Thanks!

Abbie said...

LOL!! Lawd that was funny!!
How old is your friend's kid??

MP said...

OH MY..he could have just been doing that scene from the guy from Hero' know the button to the left..or not..

Dolce said...

Oh! That's funny! Gotta love Catholic school.

Melissa said...

The hardest part for my friend was trying really hard not to laugh (while she was dying of embarrassment!) and also making sure that he was never around when she told this story because she didn't want him to *know* it was funny. She was afraid it would encourage him to do it more! As in ALL THE TIME!

Abbie: He just turned 10 :)

Dolce and Dory thanks for stopping by! :)