Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Baby's First Personal Letter

My parents kept a baby book for me. I was the first child. -Parents do that with their first! ;) "Uncle Bill" sent this letter when I was one month old. At the very bottom of the letter (but not shown here due to identifying info) my father wrote the words "Baby's first personal letter."

According to this letter, it seems that "I" wrote to him first. I'd love to know what "I" said. It must have been good to get me a line of credit at one month old!

* For anyone nosey enough to try to make out the extremely faint script writing in the middle (because I would!), this letter was glued to an unused baby book page. The print showing through said "Among those present."



the princess said...

you must be very smart, that's all. that was a sweet thing for your parents to save. i love looking at my baby book.

Vanessa said...

Very cool that your parents saved this and you had a baby book.

So, did they make you get a job at one month old to pay for this line of credit? ;)

Melissa said...

I remember reading this when I was younger and looking at my father confused. He said "Uncle Bill is a very funny man." That didn't really explain anything to me at the time but I took his word for it! ;)

princess: Yes I was brilliant! Lol! I do appreciate the book. I'm glad I have it.

vanessa: Since I have no memory of ever using this account, my guess is I ate the card, thus nullifying all debts and payments.