Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Art Isn't Easy

A "filler" course my friend took to finish up her last few credits.

We have to do a wire sculpture of ourselves expressing an emotion. My group is doing 'our body expressions towards shock - something tragic that's happened' -how depressing. I'm literally taking wire and wrapping myself in it. So far, my sculpture looks very bad, but what do I care? I took the course pass/fail.

Follow Up Conversation

I wrote that?

You don't remember wrapping yourself up in wire?

I think that was my senior year...

Are you sure about that? Because I think you may be having a "senior" year right now! ;)



Alice said...

ha! that certainly does sound like something one would remember doing... :-)

Melissa said...

I KNOW! I was like "How do you NOT remember this???" Lol!