Tuesday, April 8, 2008

From My Brother

Dear Melissa, Im sorry that I took this money from you. I'll never do it again. -Written in a kid's handwriting complete with reversed letters.

I have no memory of this.



Alice said...

HAAAAA oh i love it. now i must find the letter i made my sister sign swearing she'd never marry anyone but her teddy bear.

Abbie said...

LOL!!! That was so cute and funny!!!
Too funny!

Does your brother remember?

Vanessa said...

Wow! Way to come clean brother!

Melissa said...

alice: -So how's your sister doing with that? ;)

abbie: I've been meaning to call him and find out. He's not easy to get ahold of.

vanessa: I'm guessing the whole "forgive and forget" thing applies, because I don't remember this!

Grandy said...

Ha! Did you get this last week? I'd follow up with him pronto and see when he's paying it back. ;)

MP said...

I love the backward Y..who helped him with this..who was the "enforcer" in your family?

Melissa said...

Grandy: Did ya see the handwriting? Lol! I think he was six!

As for paying me back: My Aunt is the author of the card in my First Birthday post, and she says my official 2 year old Birthday card is on the way. -I'm not holding my breath ;)

MP: I'm not sure who helped him write this. What's strange is that I seem to have received this while I was away. So someone made him write a letter, put it, and the money, in an envelope, and mail it to me!

Hillary said...

I like the double undlerlined "never"

Very cute!

Melissa said...

Hillary: Me too :)