Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ur-Ine Luck

A friend and I went out to lunch today, but before we ate I accompanied her to get some quick bloodwork done. One of the things her doctor ordered was a 24 hour urine sample. If you've never done one of these, it involves peeing into a special jug for an entire day. When they gave her the jug to take home, I asked "Do you have a bag for her? You know... so she doesn't have to walk around NYC with a big urinal in her hand?" and they said "Sure, there's one right here." and they put the jug in a bag and handed it to her. The bag was opaque, and had the lab's name and logo on it. It also had the words "24 HOUR URINE SAMPLE" in large black letters on both sides.

Later during lunch we had to feed the parking meter. I told my friend I'd do it since I'd finished eating, but once I got outside it occurred to me that I might not remember exactly what her car looked like. I had a vague idea (blue, minivan...) and I knew which block we parked on, but what if there were similar cars nearby? Then I remembered our excursion before lunch and I was suddenly extremely confident I'd be able to spot the correct car: Blue, minivan, -with a big bag that says "24 HOUR URINE SAMPLE" lying on the back seat.

-Theft deterrent for the 21st century.



Alice said...

gah, how AWFUL! as if peeing into a jug for 24 hours wasn't bad enough, they have to make sure ALL OF NYC knows about it too?!

Vanessa said...

Too funny and yes, that is the ultimate in identification devices!

Abbie said...

Funny, my pregnant sister has to do this to test for something in her kidney. Apparently she's not drinking enough water. Anyway, my only advice was to not let her 2 year old see her doing it. I know my niece, she'll immediately thinks it's okay to start reliving herself (#1 AND 2) in her mother's pots and pans.

MP said...

OH MY...Now in NYC..that wouldn't be abnormal would it?

MP said...
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Kendra said...

Bwahahaha! I had to do that once when I was pregnant with my son. Brava to her for braving public - even if it was in the car. I stayed In. The. House. :)

Kendra said...

Just found something I thought you'd like - had to come back and tell you.

I know you like miniatures so: http://www.msichicago.org/whats-here/exhibits/fairycastle/

Mac and Cheese said...

Gross, yet funny.

Melissa said...

alice and vanessa: "Yes!" to both of you! :)

abbie: That's hilarious! And probably very true!

mp: In NYC it'd be abnormal to be doing it in a jug instead of just on the street ;)

kendra: She didn't actually do it that day. She was going to do it over weekend when she'd be home (or near home) all day. But she still had to carry the jug around until she got home!

Thank you for the miniatures link! I saw that site for the first time about a month ago. It's cool isn't it? I bet it's fun to see in person.

Mac: Thank you. I strive for balance ;)