Thursday, April 17, 2008

Out Sick

3/18 Please excuse Melissa from school 3/17 as she was home and not feeling well.

It's really much cooler looking when you can see my dad's old company letterhead at the top and his signature at the bottom, but whatcha gonna do. The funny thing is that I still have this. Shouldn't I have turned it in?

* Note: I'm not out sick today! Just still busy!



Athena said...

Weird! I was just telling my students the other day that I used to write my own excuse notes when I was in high school. My Mom's handwriting and mine were the same and she would tell me to write the note.

Actually, I only abused it once...I needed a mental health day as a senior. LOL!


Melissa said...

If I could have taken mental health days when needed I would have missed more than half my senior year! Lol!

My father practically never wrote me a note so this is really rare. I can't think of why I'd still have it except that maybe:
1) Nobody asked for it
2) I was sick the 18th too so I got a new note the following day to cover both days?

I still don't know why I would have saved it though. Maybe to use the following year if I was sick on the EXACT same day? ;)

Kelly O said...

I love that you kept that. Very charming!

Grandy said...

My sister had my Mom's signature down PERFECTLY in high school. ;)

Pamela said...

Will you write me a mental health day note to use at work? They'd recognize my handwriting. ;) Say, I really like what you're doing with your blog! Thanks for visiting mine!

Alice said...

my school was so tiny (like, 13 people in my class tiny) that i think my mom just called my teacher if i wasn't going in. alas.

Melissa said...

Thanks Kelly :)

Grandy: I would have been terrified of trying that! I was insanely honest in my youth.

Pamela: Get Grandy's sister to help you out ;) -And thank you for stopping by!

Alice: Wow! That is tiny. Sounds nice. Was it an alternative or magnet school?

Mac and Cheese said...

Have I mentioned what a pack-rat you are?

Melissa said...

mac: ONE little box of letters! Just one! About the size of two and a half shoe boxes :)