Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Generosity, New York Style

A real email conversation
> > Hope you made it home ok with your
> > storage boxes et al! :)
It was fun
> > seeing you yesterday if only for a
> > little bit. I'm
glad you found
> > things you could use.
> > (Told ya there was good
stuff! :D )
> >

> > -Melissa

> I did indeed, and they are going to
> be so very useful! Thank you
so very
> much! Please come by if you need any
> cockroaches, like
for pet food or
> something. We have extras here!


> "J"

Cool! I'll keep that in mind. Thank you so much! And I'll pass your offer onto my friends as well. You know... in case their new place doesn't come with any.




Alice said...

i cannot. deal. with cockroaches. spiders? ants? icky centipedes? bees? FINE. BRING IT ON. one cockroach? gaaackwkweieutqweuidjsgglllllll

Sarah said...

Hi - I am using one of your cool badges. For this moment, I am just going to put it in a post but when I get home later, I'll put it with a link to the site. Hey - I can't tell if I am supposed to just post on my site or copy the post to the main site as well. What do you do?
THanks. Sarah

Melissa said...

Alice: Were you reading here yet when I was freaking out about the giant mutant ones in my apartment?

Sarah: Hi! Welcome! :) To answer your question, you don't have to post to the NaBloPoMo site. Posting daily on your separate blog is fine. If you'd like (and what I do) on your page at the main site, there's an option to put an RSS feed in your sidebar on the left. I put a feed to my "regular" blog there. It's not necessary (you only have to post on your regular blog) but I do it anyway.