Monday, March 31, 2008

Half Of Me Is In The Clear

My friends were selling an item to a couple who didn't speak English very well, so I was doing a little bit of translating. The battery in the item was dead so initially there was no way to test it properly and the buyers, naturally, seemed a little uncertain about it. As my friend went downstairs to buy a new battery, I turned to the couple and said to them in Spanish:

"It'll work. They're good people."

The husband then replied (in Spanish):

"Oh I know. Even though I'm Latino, I trust white people in business deals more than Latinos or other races. I trust whites more than my own people."

I smiled, then glanced at my friends who had no idea what he'd just said, and couldn't wait to tell them -once the couple had left! But I didn't have to wait that long because seconds later, the wife piped up loud and clear in English:

"I clean houses and I like working for the Jews. I never feel any prejudice from them. They just tell me what to do and then leave me alone. They don't watch or keep an eye on me while I'm doing my work."

... all righty then!



Alice said...

ohhh man. i would have just turned red and not known what to do :-)

Abbie said...

These people need to get out more??

Melissa said...

My first reaction in situations like this is to think "You're kidding right?" (and look around for the hidden cameras!) Then I realize "OMG... you're not!"

It's different when opinions like theirs are are expressed in anger (as they often are.) But when they're brought up matter of factly in an otherwise normal conversation... It's so bizarre.

Melissa said...

Abbie! Happy Birthday! :)

Mac and Cheese said...

What are you supposed to say to something like that?

Vanessa said...

Nothing like telling it like you see it!