Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Blue House: Toddler's Room

I used to collect doll house miniatures. This is a picture from "The Blue House." (If the rollovers in the photo don't work, click here.)

I had a lot of kids' rooms in my houses. I liked the toys and child scale items. I often thought about making a miniature orphanage so I could justify having a house full of children's rooms!

I loved this room. I loved this wallpaper! In real life, a room like this would have probably kept me awake at night (just a tad bit on the "overstimulating" side!) but in miniature I loved looking at it. It made me happy :) I also loved the rocking horse peg rack on the door. I remember being very excited when I bought it. I knew exactly where it was going to go.

The chest of drawers is part of the same set as the "bench at the foot of the bed" in the Girl's Room. The Huggies Diaper box on top of it was assembled from a kit. This was back in 20th century BC (Before Color copies) when we couldn't print color items like this on our own printers. We had to buy them as kits. The Huggies box was supposed to be assembled closed, but I left the top open and added fake diapers -which I believe I made by cutting and folding small pieces of a real diaper to the correct shapes and sizes!

The alphabet blocks were given to me by the boss I made the boob cake for :) When she found out I collected miniatures, she went through her old collection of items from a store she used to own, and brought me those blocks and a few sheets of antique wall paper (which I don't think I was able to use.) She was very sweet about it and I was so appreciative that she thought enough of me to look through her own collection of things. I will say this about my old boss, she's wacky and eccentric but has a flair for graciousness. She could give you a pebble and make it seem like a precious gift ;)

The orange wooden truck came from a toy block set that may have belonged to my brother. The firefighter's hat was a bit on the small side and came off a small toy. Possibly a Fisher Price character.

The toy chest has more toys and books in it. The seashells next to the overturned shovel and pail are real. The ball by the bed came with the pail and shovel as part of a set. The dog next to the ball is some kind of beagle. I remember buying that as an adult.

The swan rocker (lower left corner) is hard to describe... On either side were swan shaped cut-outs. Connecting the two sides was a red seat in the center, along with a foot rest below and a handlebar across the front (connecting the two necks). If you put a small child (doll) in the seat, they could rock in it.

The bed is a toddler sized bed. I loved this bed. It was very well made. And so cute! The toddler on the bed was from a kit. I don't remember the name of the woman who made these but I loved her dolls. I could only get them through the mail or conventions (email wasn't popular yet). I made its clothes, but the rest was already assembled. This doll has always reminded me of my brother. He had the exact same hair.



Alice said...

i'm loving this series! i can't believe you were so detail-oriented as a little kid. i had a doll house and just kept stuffing the baby down the chimney until my parents took it away from me.

MP said...

TOO CUTE..Love the Disney!

Melissa said...

mp: Thanks :) The Disney posters were cut out from something. I think they were ads for those videos.

Alice: Yay! I made you happy! :) Your comment about the chimney made me ROFL and immediately call a friend of mine who owned a doll house store for years -She laughed too! That's hilarious! That should be on a T-shirt or something! :D

More pictures from this house next week.