Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Blue House: Downstairs Bathroom

I used to collect doll house miniatures. This is a picture from "The Blue House." (If the rollovers in the photo don't work, click here.)

I thought some of you at the party might be looking for the bathroom right about now, so here it is.

I've had the white bathroom pieces above since I was around 8. Back then it was nearly impossible to find miniature bathroom sets with "normal" toilets. For years, all miniature bathroom sets had toilets with tanks that were suspended way above the toilets on a pole. No little American kids wanted those kinds of toilets in their dollhouses! We'd never seen those here! (I never saw one until I lived in England for a year.) Nowadays it's easier to find bathroom sets like the white one above, but back then, I had one of the few, and very rare, normal toilet bathroom sets in the entire world ;)

On the shelf above the tub, next to the bottle of baby shampoo, is an assortment of bottles that resemble perfume bottles. There's also a very small basket, and a bar of soap. (I know you can't see any of that, but trust me, they're there!)

The mirror over the tub was a piece of jewelry; a pin I'd found at another street or craft fair. I don't remember where I got the dark green piece of pottery on the floor by the sink, but I think I got it when I was fairly young, along with one or two other matching pieces. I'm pretty sure I got them while I was still living at home because I distinctly remember my mother putting a wad of cotton in this one, pulling out small wisps, and explaining to me as she twisted and shaped them "It's art... Like a sculpture!" -My mom is "unique."

* More pictures from this house will be posted next week.



Vanessa said...

You had the most intricate doll house I have ever seen. Everything is so perfect and so tiny. The perfect little house!

Grandy said...

Alrighty...blame the pain meds...this is obviously a ladies restroom because I don't see magazines that the men are so proud of.

Melissa said...

Vanessa: It's such a cool and fun hobby if you're into it. If I had the space I'd probably be doing more with it now. In some ways I'm relieved that I'm not!

grandy: I *almost* put a link with this post for miniature magazines in case anybody needed reading material while they were in here!

Grandy said...

NICE!! Great minds thinking alike again. ;)