Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

Good morning. I'm sick :P I hope this doesn't flare up to the level of the person I caught it from and that it turns out to be a quick 24/48 hour thing. Particularly because after I got home last night, a friend and I who have been trying to get together for several months finally made plans for later this week. I was FINE when we spoke last night. I'm going to hate having to call him if I'm not better and say "Guess what? Gotta cancel!"

I know who I caught this from and I was thinking of sending her an email this morning that said "You make me SICK!" but she's probably feeling pretty horrible already so I will refrain! ;) L was at Easter dinner yesterday and has been sick for a couple of weeks. So much so that, due to congestion, she can't hear out of one ear (We had some fun with that!) She was starting to feel better so she came to the party. -Which is great because she's a riot! I normally have a very strong immune system -I could be in a room with the plague and not catch it- but I think I caught this yesterday when I kissed her. -She kissed me first! Actually it started with a very cute new couple. We were all at the table and he got up to go to the other room for a moment and on his way gave his girlfriend a quick kiss as he passed her. The guy sitting next to her said "Hey, what about me?" so he leaned down and kissed the guy. L then leaned over and gave me a quick kiss, I turned around and kissed her back, the guys across the table kissed each other, and pretty much everybody at the table kissed the people on either side of them. -I think that's when the germs jumped ship! ;)

Yesterday was fun. Amazing company and food as always. If I wrote about everything it would be way too long. E is such an incredible cook and he and P are such wonderful hosts. Every time I leave I'm so full, I never ask to bring leftovers home, but then the next day (like right now!) I WISH I HAD! I made dessert and it turned out great (Carrot cake.) It's another friend's recipe so she really deserves the credit. Before I left I asked if anybody wanted to take some home with them and several people chimed in. I gave the remainder of the finished cake to my neighbors as soon as I got home, but there's still MORE in my kitchen because there's a whole other layer I didn't even take with me. (Made the cake with 2 layers. Looked too small. Made 2 more layers. One more layer on the cake was perfect. The second stayed home and I still have it!)

There were several new people this year I'd never met. P had told his choir at the last minute that if anyone didn't have someplace to go for Easter they should come over. I hugged him and told him I loved that he did that. Everybody was fun and funny... E &P have great friends. Three people gave me their contact info, and I gave a couple of people my contact info, written on small plastic eggs that I grabbed off the centerpiece. It's not easy to write on those things! We finished the evening with the traditional watching of The Vicar Of Dibley Easter Special, and then all went on our ways. I shared a cab with someone who I discovered lives one block away from me and who has lived here for 3 years! One block! We even use the same laundromat. Both of us agree that we have never ever seen each other before, not even in passing. -That's NY for you.

I'll end with a funny story from the friend I'm hoping to not cancel my plans with later this week: K was at his friend's house yesterday for Easter. They decided to make an Easter Egg hunt for his friend's kids, so both of them filled plastic eggs and hid them all over the back yard in advance. About a half hour later (before the kids had even arrived), his friend laughed and told him to look out the window at the squirrels. It turns out the squirrels were finding all their eggs, breaking them open, and stealing the candy. -Smart squirrels. I wish they'd caught that on video!



MP said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well..but I can tell you that sounds like a BLAST. I wish we would have had more ham..J got the was YUMMY!!

Alice said...

oh NO.. i hope your super immune system kicks the bug to the curb, STAT.

that's pretty awesome about the squirrels. i didn't realize they were so resourceful!

Melissa said...

I wish I'd taken some leftovers!!! We had ham too :)

I'm much better today. Tiny bit of congestion. I think another 24 hours and this will be completely out of my system. -Super immune system to the rescue! ;) But yesterday? Definitely sick when I woke up!

The image of the squirrels finding the easter eggs, opening them, and taking the candy cracks me up. I wish that had been caught on tape!