Thursday, March 6, 2008


3:30 PM
A friend just stopped by to tell me she's going to her first Broadway pre-show party, and she wants me to help her figure out what to wear :) She was so cute bouncing up and down at my door! It's like little electric rays were zipping out the top of her head and all over the place! She's so excited. She's never been to an opening night party. I love seeing people like this.

She's going to go run around the block about 8 times to burn off some energy and will call me when she's home and ready for me to help her out. She's already one of those "beautiful people" (You know... the ones who'd look good in a paper bag?) so it's not like this is gonna be hard.

3:45 PM
She just got back and gave me my "20 minute call." I have to say, I don't think the 8 times around the block made a lot of difference. She's SO excited!

4:35 PM
And she's off! When I got to her place the excitement had transitioned into "what to wear" insecurity coupled with a fear of being late. There wasn't a lot of time to tell her what to expect (like the Press) so we stuck to getting her dressed and out the door.

FYI: My fashion advice consisted primarily of:

  • "Try the other top."
  • "Let me see the blue."
  • "I didn't think I'd like the blue but it brings out your eyes. You look like Cinderella."
  • "Stick with the silver and lose the gold."


  • "Just so you know, when you lean down that far, I can totally see your boobs."



Vanessa said...

How exciting for her! I didn't make it to a Broadway show when I lived in NYC, but its at the top of the list for next time I visit!

MP said...


I've never been a girly girly girl.. But you just posted what it's like to have a cool girlfriend, and why every one needs one!

Alice said...

that is so neat!! i want to go to one! also: wish i could look good in paper bags.

Melissa said...

She had a great time and thanked me for helping her get the "right" clothes together. A waiter even complimented her ;)

She told me that when she first arrived she thought she was overdressed. Then when more guests appeared and she realized this was a "red carpet" situation she was relieved that she was as dressed up as she was.

Like I said in the post, I hadn't really had a chance to fill her in on what to expect, and since she was rushing and getting anxious, I decided against it. With some people, more information helps them feel more secure. With others, it makes them more nervous.