Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jar Of Pennies: Follow Up

I called my friend yesterday to remind her about the penny jar incident. She didn't remember that specific night but she fondly remembers staying at my grandparents' house many times.

I remember sleeping at your grandparents' house! I remember the lounge chairs!

The what?

The lounge chairs!
I remember I, or maybe you... one of us, would sleep in a lounge chair!

Oh my gosh... I forgot about that! You're right. I don't remember which of us slept in it? Probably both! I'm sure I did sometimes. We probably each had a chair.

They were like long beach chairs with woven plastic, and the head and foot sections would make a ratchety sound when you raised or lowered them. She'd make them up like beds and we'd sleep on those when we stayed over! Wow... I completely forgot about that!

I remember!
I think they didn't have enough beds for us or something?

Well we were also small. We could sleep in anything.

So tell me.... if you thought they didn't have enough beds in the house, how is it that you didn't think twice before TAKING MY GRANDPARENTS' ENTIRE LIFE SAVINGS???! ;)



Vanessa said...

The things we remember as kids! I love the new layout btw.

Mac and Cheese said...

Nice! I would have said something similar.

MP said...

How great..digging up those memories. Your reaction was so wild..thinking Grandma would be pushing a cart if you took that jar.
My memory of spending the night at Nana's... The blue bathtub, smell of Noxema and NO air conditioner.

Melissa said...

Mac: Thank you :) She's a good sport. I'm sure I'll have more childhood stories about her! We've known each other since I was 1 (and she was 2.)

Vanessa: Thanks. I think it's a bit busy. I'm a decent programmer, but a designer I'm not. I'm glad you like it though, because it's hard for me to be objective, so feedback is good! :)

MP: I completely believed that! Lol! I really thought THAT jar of pennies was "It!"

The blue bathtub? That's sounds interesting for a memory! I remember the smells at my grandmother's too. Not Noxema though.

Melissa said...

Correction: I remember what Noxema smells like! I meant that it wasn't a smell I associated with my grandmother's!