Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Blue House: Dining Room

I used to collect doll house miniatures. This is a picture from "The Blue House." (If the rollovers in the photo don't work, click here.)

Along the left wall is a round basket with a lid that I found at a street fair. I bought several. On the side table is a glass vase, a cherry cheesecake that I made out of a bottle cap, clay, red beads, and some of my mom's red nail polish (She never knew!) Next to that is an empty cake stand with a glass dome.

On the shelves above the side table, there are a mixture of china plates from an oversized tea set I'd been given years before having a doll house, some pewter tea mugs and dishes that my mother had painted white with red flowers, and some clear plastic "glasses" with gold colored metal accents. There's also a porcelain Toby Mug that I got at a Guild show, with the face of a small child.

Next to that, the door (to the kitchen) clearly needed paint and a door frame but it seems I hadn't gotten around to that at the time of this picture! Next to the door are two chairs that used to belong to my sister. I don't know what style of furniture they were. They came with a bench that resembled a church pew.

Along the back wall, most of the visible contents of the china cabinet were oversized, but I still used them. The punch bowl on top was to scale. Inside the drawers and cabinets were more items, including miniature paper party plates, colored napkins, and plastic spoons and forks. I used to set those up around my birthday. I always decorated my houses for the holidays (and yes, in my mind, my birthday counted as a holiday!)

To the right of the china cabinet was a table with a tray of gold colored metal goblets and some kind of vase/urn in the center. Next to that were two candelabras with real wax candles (No I never burned them!) There was also a decorative metal vase with enamel detailing. I think it used to be a necklace pendant. Next to that is a piece of Native American pottery that I think I bought when I was traveling through some southern states.

The clock on the wall was a gift. One of a set of about 6 different clocks. I often received gifts from people who thought they'd found me the perfect dollhouse item. Often, whatever they'd found wasn't of the same quality as what I was collecting, but I always tried to work their pieces in somewhere so they wouldn't feel bad. The butcher block table along the right wall was also a gift. That didn't fit anywhere, but I tried!

I'm pretty sure the basket in the center of the table was one of several that I bought at a hand made basket shop in upstate New York. I was in the area for a Youth Group retreat. I think the paper flowers inside it were once a wedding bouquet for a larger doll.



Mac and Cheese said...

I don't put this much effort into my own home!!!

Joe said...

Wow, these are amazingly wonderful!

MP said...

I like the little basket in the front left of the picture. I would keep my shoes in it :-)

Melissa said...

Mac: I was in an apartment. If I'd had a larger (ie "real") home to play with maybe I wouldn't have messed around so much with this!

Joe: Thank you :)

MP: You must have small feet ;)