Saturday, March 22, 2008

You Ae The Best

Earlier today, my father called.

Melissa! I'm SO glad you're home!

Really... What's wrong with your computer?

Nothing is wrong with my computer.

But you're really glad I'm home...

I need help with your sister's computer.
Don't get me wrong. My father likes me well enough, but he is never really excited to speak to me unless there is something he needs. He's also never been big on compliments so when he ended the call with "You are the best!" I was shocked and asked "Can I get that in writing?" He said he'd send it to me in email. Much to my surprise (because I really was not expecting it), this showed up in my "in box" a short time later:


*Sigh.* There's something oddly tragic about that. I wrote him back: "Thanks Dad. You ae the best too. :)"



Vanessa said...

That's too funny. I don't know what to say, it can go so many ways. Yes he tried. Why is it that the try includes error? He meant well. But didn't even take the time to proof-read. I could go on, but instead, just know that I think


Thanks for all you do. HUG

Melissa said...

Vanessa, you got it EXACTLY! Lol!
-It's the thought that counts.
-He said it and that's what matters.
-He went through the trouble to actually put it in an email and send it to me which is really NOT in character for him and very sweet -and even all in caps and big letters! It's really really nice and uncharacteristic. And I DO appreciate it.

A part of me thinks it's terrible for me to even point out such a minor error and yet....

-Is it like a Freudian thing that he just can't *quite* get those words out???! Lol!

It really is too funny. Irony at its best in my life ;)

-And thank YOU so much. (and for proofreading yours! Lol!) It's a great comment to come home to :)

Grandy said...

Melissa... You ARE the Best!! I know you get that it's the thought that counts (blah blah) but you also find the irony and the humor in it. That's why you ROCK!! :)

MP said...

Your dad sounds cute..

Melissa said...

Grandy: Thank you :)

MP: Grandy has a crush on him. ;)