Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Blue House: Parents' Room

I used to collect doll house miniatures. This is a picture from "The Blue House." (If the rollovers in the photo don't work, click here.)

I wish this picture were larger. It's hard to see a lot of the details.

The small nightstand, brass bed (with pillows), the full length mirror, and the dresser along the right wall, were among my earliest pieces. I got them as Christmas and Birthday presents very early on. I think the bed and its pillows (and a different blanket that came with it) were from E.

On the nightstand next to the bed is a box of tissues that you can't see well but it looked like a real box of tissues, complete with tissue sticking out the top. I don't remember where I got the hat on the wall above the bed. I think I added the trim to it myself (copying something I'd seen elsewhere.)

The quilt on the bed was a real quilt made by me. Probably hand-stitched and crooked again, but the colors were great. The slippers on the floor were also made by me out of remnant dollhouse carpet pieces. I sewed a few beads and painted "leaves" on one set in an attempt to make it look more "girly" with floral accents. I wanted to distinguish the mother's slippers from the father's. I don't think I had any pink carpet remnants or I would have used those for hers. -Or maybe I thought they'd blend in too much with the actual carpet (since they'd be made from the same material.)

There are two ferrets on the bed that can barely be seen. I got them separately. When I saw miniature ferrets, I had to have them. I think I may have painted the gray and white one on the left. The one on the right was already painted brown.

The back of this room had a small alcove. I still had more kid and baby furniture I wanted to use so I turned that into a nursery area. I decided a newborn could live in the parents' room for a while, but I remember thinking that after a year or so it'd need a room of its own. I was trying to figure out how I'd work that out (doubling up on other kids' rooms etc.) when it occurred to me that this infant was not actually going to age! It wasn't ever going to get any bigger. I could leave that room exactly how it was forever! I loved the changing table and the shelves above it. I always wanted to buy the matching set of furniture to that but I knew I wouldn't have room for the other pieces.

Along the right wall is a trunk that goes with the chest of drawers in the Toddler's Room and the bench in the Girl's Room. Both dressers in this room had items in the drawers. The one on the left (behind the bed) had a folded men's shirt, and the one on the right had a skirt and two necklaces.

The jewelry box on the dresser on the right was great! I got that as a birthday gift as an adult from a friend who said "take me to the dollhouse store with you so I don't buy you something that doesn't fit with your dollhouse that you'll tell an embarrassing story about later!" ;) The jewelry box was metal with lace and ribbons on the outside, and when you opened it there was a mirror inside and small pieces of fake jewelry. It was within the budget my friend gave me so I said "THAT please!" :)

To the left of the jewelry box is a small vase with red flowers. (In reality it was small dried flowers inserted into a tall clear bead.) The clock in the glass case was part of the "set of 6 or so clocks" that I'd received as a gift. The pink blur on the far left corner of the dresser is a bouquet of paper flowers. A surprise from the father to the mother. Sometimes I placed the flowers on the bed.



Alice said...

how sweet of the dad! :-)

Melissa said...

Yeah. I thought it was nice of him :)