Saturday, March 8, 2008

5 AM

An ambulance has been idling outside my building for about 45 minutes. I knew what it was before I got up to look. I used to work with ambulances. I know what our engines sound like.

I doubt it was anyone from my building. I think I would have heard them echoing in the hall. More likely it's from the building across the street. They park in front of my building because there's room in front of the fire hydrant. The ambulance is not from the closest hospital but from one across town, which makes me think it's a patient with a history. Old. Handicapped. Recent surgery. They didn't scoop and go, but took time to stabilize them in back, so it's more likely an illness than injury. My guess is it was an old person. 3 to 5 AM calls usually are.

People watching at 5 AM is interesting. Someone walks by with a cup of coffee. Another with a closed umbrella. Prepared. Two police officers walk by. I don't think they're related to the ambulance call but it's possible. Another person walks by wearing a black "New York" baseball cap with white writing.

Birds are out. Lots in the tree by my window. Little ones. I don't usually see so many there. They seem very relaxed. Eating. Preening. Chirping. There's about 12 of them.

Calm. Quiet. This was my regular wake-up time for many years. I liked being out before the rest of the world. I like it when the city is empty. I'm tempted to go out for a walk right now, but I know I'd be better off trying to get back to sleep.



Vanessa said...

5am is so early! I used to have a job where I was up by that time of day and the only thing I liked about it was getting off at 3pm! What did you do that you know so much about ambulances?

Melissa said...

I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician.