Sunday, March 23, 2008

Holiday Disclaimer

I'm really thankful that I'll be spending Easter with my friends today. I am grateful and honored to be invited each year. Honored may sound like an odd word to describe it, but I am. I'm very lucky.

When I write about the holidays here, I feel a bit odd. I know there may be people reading here who are going to have a terrible time today. -On any holiday. I want to say "Happy [insert appropriate holiday here!]" to them (to you!) because it's possible that nobody else will. I also don't want to cause anyone to feel worse by talking about what a great day I had or am about to have when they might be sitting home alone, or have to work, or be going through anything else that makes the fun time others are having at the holidays seem like an unusually cruel reminder to them of "what kind of day they're not having."

Oversensitive of me? Maybe. But I was in that position for many years. And although I've been blessed with great holidays for over 10 years now, I never forget. And I'm never unaware of how immensely lucky I am to have really wonderful holidays now (Even the little ones... and even those I spend alone.)


To everyone who is going to have a fun time today: I'm sorry if this brought you down! Lol!

To everyone who will have a "tense" holiday today: Find the humor and make fun of it often (and blog about it so I can read!)

To everyone who is spending the day alone and is ok with that: I hope you have a restful, peaceful, productive day.

To everyone who is sad today, you are in my thoughts. Honestly. Tomorrow will be easier.



Mac and Cheese said...

No celebrating over here, but plan to have a good day regardless. Happy Easter to ya!

Vanessa said...

Don't be afraid or feel guilty for having a great happy holiday. Don't be afraid to share it. By sharing the happiness you have created for yourself, it unconsciously gives others permission to do the same.

Enjoy your day and tell us all about it later.

Vanessa said...

I, too, never forget how lucky I am when I have a fabulous holiday.

Ok, thanks for letting me double dip in your comments section!

Melissa said...

Happy Easter Mac and Vanessa!

Vanessa you can double, triple, and quadruple dip ;)

As for feeling guilty... I don't feel guilty exactly... I don't feel guilty for having a good holiday, and I don't really feel guilty talking about it. Just aware that when I do, it might be upsetting to some people. And I guess I want those people to know that I'm aware of that and that I hope they have the best day possible with whatever is going on.

I've thought about writing about some of what I used to do to help cope with holidays. I'm still deciding how to balance that properly (writing-wise).

-More to ponder as I figure out life in the blogesphere! ;)

Grandy said...

Happy Easter Melissa!! I think it's safe to say that, right? You get to have a happy one.

You were so good to cover everyone...or did you?

Alice said...

happy easter! i'm happy your holidays are good these days :-)

Melissa said...

Happy (belated!) Easter Grandy and Alice!

Grandy you are evil ;) I THINK I did! :P