Saturday, March 15, 2008

Template: Work In Progress

The new template is a work in progress. I just wanted to get rid of the snowflake background since I haven't seen snow in weeks!



Grandy said...

It's cute though. ;) come you deleted your last comment on my site? I don't think I did but I don't know sometimes with this pain medication.

Melissa said...

Thanks Grandy :)

This might not make much sense with the pain meds and all but... ;)

I had too many windows open, and accidentally clicked the "unsubscribe" link for those comments. I wanted to re-subscribe to your comments for that post but I could only do that if I left another comment. -So I did. Then I deleted it because my comment was "j" (That's all I'd typed! ;) )

Sorry for the confusion. -Both the initial confusion and the additional confusion I've probably caused trying to explain this! Lol! (If this still doesn't make sense, I can explain it further!)

Grandy said...

You had me at "hello". ;)

Vanessa said...

I love the purple! Words like love, imagine and celebrate just make you feel good about life.

Melissa said...

Grandy: I hope you brought enough of those meds to share with everyone ;)

Vanessa: Thank you :) Would you believe I was trying to go for a yellow/orange theme this time? ;) The purple is nice too. It's not quite what I want (I don't know what I want!), but it'll do for now.

FYI: "Dream" "Memories" and "Thanks" are also in there but I may need to re-do the background at some point to make them more visible.